Liquid sensors for CO2 applications from HB Products

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Specialist for providing custom designed sensors for the refrigeration industry, HB Products is now adding two new products to the product database, namely the liquid level switches HBSC2 and HBSR. Both switches ensure reliable liquid detection in all refrigerant systems.

The Danish company HB Products A/S has specialized in production of sensors and switches for industrial CO2/NHrefrigeration applications. Offering custom designed products, for tough environments resisting pressures up to 170 bar has become a rapidly growing business for HB Products. High quality and trouble free installation is assured as all products are individually tested and calibrated.

The HBSC2 R744 liquid level switch is specially designed for use in CO2 refrigerant systems.. The sensor will detect both CO2 and oil. Furthermore it is unaffected by pressure, oil-foam, splashing and oil-coating.

Basic specifications of the HBSC2 liquid level switch:
  • Maximum working pressure: 170 bar
  • Power supply: 11 to 30V DC
  • Consumption: max. 5mA
  • Media temp.: -56… to +100 deg. C.
  • Ambient temp: -25… to +60 deg. C.
  • Switch function: Normal open (NO) / Normal close (NC)

The HBSR liquid level switch may be used for high and low level alarms for NH3, brine and HFC.
The HBSR distinguishes oil from refrigerant, and may therefore also be used for automatic oil return systems, alarms and automatic draining and emptying systems of oil pots as well as to control of accumulated oil in oil pots, liquid separators, economizers and intermediate coolers (HBSR-NC switch function Normal Closed)

Basic specifications of the HBSR liquid level switch are:
  • Detects: NH3, brine, HFC
  • Distinguishes oil from liquid
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 bar
  • Power supply: 11 to 30V DC
  • Consumption: max. 5mA
  • Switch function: Normal open (NO) / Normal close (NC)
Both types of sensors are designed for long-term function and characterized by an ease of installation through the split design. This special construction guarantees easy test and replacing of the electronic part without loss of pressure.

About HB Products A/S

The basis for the activities of HB Products was founded in 1989 by encouragement from Sabroe A/S to the development of a special sensor to Industrial Refrigeration applications.
In 2002 the opportunity to buy out the manufacturing activities from the mother company, Hans Buch & Co occurred and HB Products A/S was subsequently founded.
HB Products is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and produce ATEX, cULus and IECEx certified products on request.


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