Advansor receives EU Environment Award for engineering using R744

By team, May 18, 2010, 13:29 1 minute reading

Advansor has been honoured with the 2010 EU Environment Award in Denmark, adding to the awards won by the company that recognise its contribution to environmental protection through the development of CO2 refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Danish Minister of Environment Karen Ellemann handed over the prize to the Danish pioneer in CO2 refrigeration at a ceremony held last month by the Danish National Society of Engineering (IDA).

Advansor was the winner in the category of ‘Environmental Engineering’. The awards committee found it praiseworthy that the company offers a viable and well-tested alternative to conventional refrigeration technology. The potential of carbon dioxide in the refrigeration industry is significant because the applications already cover commercial refrigeration, warehouses, server rooms, industrial systems, air conditioning and high temperature heat pumps.

Truly sustainable and energy efficient solutions

Indeed the products developed and brought to market by Advansor offer a truly environmental friendly alternative to undesired synthetic refrigerants. Moreover, it has been proven in more than 150 installations that the products allow for energy consumption reductions of 10-15%. The potential of enhanced heat recovery from CO2 systems adds further to the benefits of their developments.

Yet another award for Advansor

Earlier in 2010, Advansor’s Director Kim Christensen was honoured with the Danish Refrigeration Award for his long and dedicated frontier efforts in making carbon dioxide a viable solution in modern commercial refrigeration.


By team (@r744)

May 18, 2010, 13:29

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