Coming soon: R744 valves and oil management controls from Henry Technologies

By team, Jun 04, 2010, 12:26 1 minute reading

This global provider of engineered components to control the flow of refrigerants and oils and enhance system efficiency is joining as Silver Partner. Over the coming weeks Henry Technologies will showcase its expertise in CO2 technology and present its oil separators, oil level regulators and valves.

The former Henry Valve Company first designed devices for CO2 vapour compression refrigerant systems during the 1920’s. Supplying products for CO2 commercial refrigeration systems since 2004 to a number of customers, Henry Technologies has gained a wealth of experience in the application of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant.


The following products will soon be featured and added to the product database:
  • SH series helical oil separators
  • 907 series ball valves with sight glass
  • SN-9530EHP oil level regulator
  • 5233 series pressure relief valves
  • Optronic oil level regulator

“The growing trend of applying CO2 for commercial refrigeration installations is becoming a significant part of our sales. Each market, and in many instances each end-user, has a different system design with different component specifications. For Henry Technologies to maintain its reputation for being at the leading edge of innovation and design, it’s essential we understand the needs of the market. We see as an ideal platform to exchange information and thus ensure we continue to provide and introduce the new products required by the refrigeration industry,” says Ian Armstrong, Sales & Marketing Director at Henry Technologies.

Henry Technologies CO2 track record

Denmark led the way in requesting products for subcritical CO2 installations from the company starting in 2004. Since this time Henry Technologies in Scotland has supplied thousands of products for installations across Europe and most recently South Africa. Components for transcritical applications have also been supplied, including the successful development of oil separators.


By team (@r744)

Jun 04, 2010, 12:26

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