French Association to host briefing on CO2 refrigeration

By team, Mar 15, 2011, 15:37 1 minute reading

Having identified the need for CO2 training, the French Association for Refrigeration (AFF) is organising a technical meeting on CO2 refrigeration, whereby leading industry players will address safety measures, applications and energy efficiency with R744.

The AFF, in collaboration with the national syndicate for refrigeration companies (SNEFCCA), is addressing the issue of CO2 refrigeration in a briefing this Thursday 17 March 2011 at La Martinière Monplaisir, Lyon.

Leading industry players in the field of R744, including members from Danfoss, Carrier, Parker, Bock and Bitzer, will share their knowledge and experience with the refrigerant.


The programme will be structured around the three main topics of "fundamentals", "installation examples" and "implementation features". Some of the presentations include:

   1. Fundamentals regarding different CO2 applications
  • Peculiarities of CO2 thermodynamic refrigerant
  • Design of sub-critical and trans-critical cooling circuits
  • Technological innovation of components in industrial and commercial applications
  • Regulations, security and control of leaks in industrial and commercial applications
  • Optimal management of energy performance in commercial applications
   2. Examples of installations (including financial results)
  • Carrier - Benedict Olsommer: sharing his experience in trans-critical commercial refrigeration.
  • Clauger - Chanthy Thor: Sub-critical application in NH3/MPG cascade
   3. Implementation features: security, consumption and detection
  • Bitzer - Jean-Pierre Baleydier: CO2 compressors
  • Danfoss Régulation - Patrice Salmon: CO2 components
  • Bock - Franck Sgaramella: CO2 compressors
  • Parker-Murco - Charles Bondu: CO2 detection 
About AFF

The French Association for Refrigeration manages the secretariat for the National Council of refrigeration which includes 11 departments and professional bodies. It strives to facilitate communication for an optimum development of refrigeration units in all sectors.


By team (@r744)

Mar 15, 2011, 15:37

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