Coming soon: liquid level sensors and controllers from TEKLAB

By team, Mar 30, 2011, 16:02 2 minute reading

The dynamic Italian specialist for level managing solutions in R744 high pressure and high temperature cooling systems is joining as bronze partner. Having been involved in CO2 refrigeration for many years, all TEKLAB high technology liquid level sensors have passed stringent quality control tests and have proven their reliability in thousands of HVAC&R systems running around the globe.

TEKLAB’s technology is well known in the natural refrigerant CO2 market for oil level control in multi-compressor application and for liquid level detection. Now, they are becoming a partner to also showcase their expertise on

CO2 product highlights

Designed for the use in level monitoring applications for the control of oil or liquid CO2 for transcritical or subcritical systems, TEKLAB’s devices have the following main features:
  • TEKLAB optical level switches have no mechanical moving parts, thus particularly suitable for high reliability level monitoring
  • Possibility to combine the temperature management with level switch in one unit
  • High pressure resistance up to 150 bar
  • High temperature resistance ranging from to -40°C to 125°C
  • Well consolidated steel with fused glass technology ensures no leakage and good chemical compatibility with CO2 and the different kinds of oil used
  • Many installations worldwide of products in transcritical or subcritical applications
  • Continuous development to constantly improve the products in terms of performances, reliability, compactness and economy

“We see in the natural place where we can exchange knowledge with other parties involved in the natural refrigerant CO2 market and improve the visibility of TEKLAB products within the large and well-consolidated platform offered by,” says Mauro Barbieri, owner of TEKLAB.

Next steps

Soon, TEKLAB will add its TK3 CO2 oil level control that is designed to control the oil level in the compressor crankcase to the database. All technical details of the level control with embedded electro-optic sensor and a solenoid valve for automatic oil filling will be provided here.


TEKLAB is a dynamic Italian company with more than 20 years of experience in electronics in many application fields and more than 10 years of development focused on electro-optic sensors. TEKLAB offers a wide range of liquid level sensors based on digital technology in their portfolio that are designed to comply with various national and international standards. All the liquid level sensors are low cost, high technology products and have undergone stringent quality control tests.


By team (@r744)

Mar 30, 2011, 16:02

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