UPDATE: CO2 technologies in attendance at interclima + elec 2012

By Aurelie Messina, Feb 09, 2012, 00:00 3 minute reading

On 7 – 10 February the biennial exhibition interclima is taking place in Paris, France, one of the most notable forums in Europe for the air conditioning, ventilation and heating sectors. Attended by over 600 exhibitors and some 85,000 visitors this year’s edition, dedicated to recent technologies and renewable energies, saw several companies exhibiting their CO2-ready technology. R744.com reports from the event. + pictures

interclima brings together a range of technical trades from construction industry dealing with HVAC and cooling, electrical engineering and facilities management. Every two years manufacturers, installers, suppliers and contractors gather to present their products and latest energy efficient innovations. As in other years 2012 saw several key CO2 heating and cooling solutions on display:

Carel: Carel displayed their pRACK for the control and management of both large and small compressors racks. Their pR100T and pR200T versions are available for managing CO2 transcritical systems, both booster and cascade. For CO2 solutions the pRACK controls the back-pressure valve used to regulate the gas cooler pressure and uses a special algorithm to control flash gas valves. Other features include oil management, optimised gas cooler fan management, multiple rack synchronisation and an adiabatic cooling system for air condensers.

Mayekawa: Mayekawa displayed their heatCO2m water heat source, a heat pump system using CO2 that generates hot water by recovering heat energy from any waste heat source. The heatCO2m is suitable for both industrial and commercial use and has a small footprint. Per day the heatCO2m has the capacity to produce up to 22000 L of hot water at an inlet temperature of 15°C and an outlet temperature of 90°C. The system is equipped with an efficient high pressure, reciprocating compressor.

Bitzer: On display at the Bitzer stand were reciprocating compressors from the octagon series for transcritical applications, up to 160 bar and for subcritical applications, up to 53 bar. For the subcritical compressors the application limits have been extended and the energy efficiency increased. The finely stepped series ranges from 2.7 to 80 kW cooling capacity (-35°C/ -5°C). For the transcritical compressors special features include wear resistant drive gear, a large volume, suction gas-cooled motor, and a 4 cylinder design that is both quiet and has low vibration.

Maja: Maja displayed their RVH CO2 range of ice flake machines, using the climate friendly refrigerant CO2. Part of the new range called HY-GEN. these Maja flake ice machines ensure that the purity of the water used is continuously maintained to drinking water standards. The key to the new ice flake machines is a specially designed evaporator tank that can be easily removed for quick and easy manual cleaning. Moreover, the CO2 machines are up to 30% more efficient than similar machines using R404A.

Sanden: Sanden presented their CO2 heat pump technology, which produces high temperature sanitary hot water. In addition to the initial product launched in September 2011, the domestic hot water can now be stored into different sizes of tanks (from 200 to 800 liters) and coupled as an option to solar panels or other energy sources. By using natural refrigerant CO2 ensures the system is environmentally benign. The CO2-based domestic hot water system is designed for easy installation. Moreover, it can heat up extremely quickly in has a low energy consumption.

Thermowave: The company exhibited their TheromoPlus heat exchangers characterised laser welded modules suitable for high pressure applications such as CO2 and NH3. The heat exchangers are suitable for operating pressures of 50 bar on the CO2 side, temperatures from -45°C to + 160°C differences and have a compact design.

Other exhibitors active in the field of CO2 included Emerson, Luvata and Lu Ve.


By Aurelie Messina

Feb 09, 2012, 00:00

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