New UK ACR trade fair attracts 100+ exhibitors – R744 products steal the show

By Janaina Topley Lira, Mar 16, 2012, 00:00 5 minute reading

The 2012 ACR Show, the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for air conditioning and refrigeration technologies was attended by over 100 exhibitors, several of which had R744 compatible products on show. Bitzer, Emerson, Frascold and, SWEP were just some of the CO2 specialists present at the new event, which took place from 13 to 15 March at the NEC in Birmingham.

Backed by the UK ACR magazine, the newly launched ACR Show 2012 was organised in response to demands by companies to fill the void left after the cancellation of the RAC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Show. In addition to providing companies with a platform to showcase their latest products and technologies the ACR Show included a varied seminar programme and a dedicated SkillsCentre and heat pump area.
Wide range of CO2 products on show
Carrier: With prominent displays of their state-of-the-art CO2OLtec refrigeration system, Carrier was keen to promote their CO2 refrigeration system for large food retail stores. The sustainable CO2OLtec system significantly reduces energy consumption when compared to traditional refrigeration systems and can be combined with CO2OLheat to utilise all available heat and ensure even higher energy efficiency.

Dorin: Dorin, one of leading companies manufacturing CO2 technology dsiplayed several  of their semi hermetic and open compressors including their CD compressor range for CO2 applications, which features maximised energy efficiency as well as extreme and proven reliability. Giacomo Pisano, Technical Commercial Manager, Dorin also presented at the Compressor Development Seminar. 

GEA: GEA Searle, a leading global refrigeration company, had a number of products on display suitable for naural refrigerants such as CO2 including their semi hermetic compressor. The company also launched their new PG Gas Cooler. GEA Searle have embraced the re-emergence of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant and have worked on R744 projects since 1997.

Bitzer: The company exhibited several examples from its extensive range of compressors, including their Octagon CO2 compressors for both transcritical and sub-critical applications. These reciprocating compressors have extended application limits that allow operation up to a condensation temperature of +15°C. A 30 bar standstill pressure on the suction side and a 53 bar operating pressure on the side are now possible.

Emerson: Emerson Climate Technologies, one of the foremost providers of climate control technologies presented their Copeland compressors. The ranges reach from 1.5 to 40 hp and are designed to also work with CO2. They also presented their high-pressure expansion CX series valves for precise control of R744 refrigerant mass flow. With a maximum working pressure of 120 bar the valves are applicable for transcritical CO2 applications.

Frascold: The Italian compressor manufacturer presented their range of products, including their SK high-integrity, semi-hermetic, carbon dioxide compressor, for use in subcritical applications. The robust compressor is designed for use in cascade systems up to 55 bar in supermarket and industrial applications. It comes charged with high performance synthetic oil.

SWEP: The international brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) manufacturer exhibited their CO2 compatible B17, suitable for high-pressure transcritical CO2 requirements reaching 140 bar. The B17 is lightweight and compact and is suitable as a gas cooler for supermarket refrigeration and transport cooling as well as for industrial heat pumps. SWEP’s customers in the UK cover applications from chillers to supermarket systems, a customer base that the company aimes to grow.

Kaori: The Taiwanese heat exchanger manufacturer presented their C series Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) for operation with high-pressure CO2. The C Series is suitable for transcritical CO2 applications and working pressures up to 140 bar.
Karyer: Karyer, a manufacturer and exporter of heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers specialised in copper tube / aluminium heat exchangers presented their small tube heat exchangers for CO2 applications and DX-Evaporators, also for use with CO2. With a maximum pressure of 75 bar the DX Evaporators are manufactured for supermarket refrigerators and bottle cooler manufacturers.

Teklab: Specialised in liquid level sensors Teklab displayed several of their CO2 suitable Optical Level Control Units, including the 80 bar TK3, the 100 bar TK3 and the K25 Level Switch. The TK3 is designed to control the oil level in the compressor and avoid it running without oil, thus improving the lifetime of the compressor. The TK3 uses an electro-optic sensor and will stop the compressor should the oil level drops too low. The K25 Level Switch has been specially designed to monitor oil or liquid CO2 in transcritical and subcritical applications.

DCI Refrigeration: Members of the DCI team were on hand to discuss CO2 solutions, including the company’s Portsmouth-based manufacturing facility that includes a mock-up convenience store operating on CO2. DCI has worked to maximise the heat recovery benefits of this CO2 system, and ample heat can be provided for store and door curtains, radiators and a hot water storage tank to supply sinks.

ICS: The ICS Group were present at the ACR show, promoting a range of products including the ICS-enEX CO2 heat pump suitable for applications where large quantities of hot water are needed. The ICS-enEx CO2 heat pump has 60°C to 80°C output temperature and is available as a single unit with a nominal capacity of 25kW and 50kW.
Lawton Tubes: A market leading producer and supplier of copper tubes, Lawton Tubes displayed their Lawton K65, suitable for high-pressure applications, including environmentally friendly CO2. The tubes are made of high-strength copper alloy that is lightweight and allows operating pressures up to 120 bar. K65 tubes and fittings are marked appropriately so that the system components can be clearly identified at all times.
Marstair: The company exhibited their easy-to-install CO2 cassette evaporator suitable for operation in conjunction with existing CO2 refrigeration packs. With a maximum operating pressure of 42 bar the 4 way discharge cassette can deliver cooling to a wide variety of areas. The units are supplied with coil thermostat for passive defrosting and have a lightweight removable 1-piece chassis.



By Janaina Topley Lira

Mar 16, 2012, 00:00

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