Advansor broadens CO2 controller platforms for servicing and end-user needs

By Klara Skačanová, May 03, 2012, 17:43 3 minute reading

Advansor has recently released a wide range of dedicated controller platforms to control CO2 systems and to suit the clients’ requests. In cooperation with the companies Danfoss, Carel, Wurm and RDM, Advansor has now integrated a range of these new controllers into their product offerings.

One of the reasons for offering multiple controllers to the market is request from the service companies to continue handling controllers, which they are already familiar with. This allows the commissioning teams to work safer and more efficiently.

Another reason for offering multiple controllers is to ensure compliance for the end user’s choice of cabinet control and to provide trouble free integration to the store front end systems. The simpler and more reliable approach to avoid errors is to ensure uniformity on the controller brands.

Key features of new controller platforms

There is also a growing request for a visual presentation of the user interface by using for example touch screen enabling plant maps, trends and logs to be displayed directly. This allows the service of the system without the use of a PC. Improved functionality for heat recovery applications has also been a key factor in the development of this new generation of controllers.

All new controllers can be offered over the full range of Advansors’ product range for supermarket systems. The individual controllers and their summarised technical features are listed below:

Danfoss AKPC781

  • Dedicated for CO2 transcritical booster systems
  • Compressor capacity controller (one suction group)
  • Gas cooler capacity controller (Fan control)
  • Integrated compressor oil management system
  • Integrated gas cooler and receiver control pressure (functionality from Danfoss EKC326A)
  • Build in heat recovery applications
  • Build in general purpose PI controllers
  • Build on Danfoss AK2 platform

The product builds on the popular AKPC-740/780 functionality with improved features based on important experience from the field.

Carel pRACK CO2

  • Integrated pack controller supporting MT and LT suction groups
  • Gas cooler capacity controller prepared for EC-fan operation via Modbus RS-485
  • Integrated high pressure and receiver pressure control after optimal COP algorithm
  • Stepper drive of up to two valves, power backup with ultra capacitor
  • Possibility of touch screen for user interface with data logging and trends
  • (Simple heat recovery by digital input)
  • PlantVisorPro supervisor system for complete store overview
  • Modbus data communication


  • (release summer 2012.)


  • Compressor (Speed/step) control
  • Controllers for high pressure and intermediate pressure control valves
  • Gas cooler controls (Fan control)
  • Oil management system (Possible but not at the moment. HBOC oil control)
  • Heat recovery control
  • Borehole evaporator / Heat pump solution
  • CAN bus communication

The development of the control system with WURM has been targeted to the German and Swiss markets where the need for heat is in excess of the recovered store heat. In such case a borehole or the ambient are included to the add compressor load.

Micro Thermo

  • For the north American marked
  • Costumer specified solutions
  • Compressor controls
  • Gas cooler fan control
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Integrated solutions refrigeration, lighting and HVAC

About Advanso

The Danish supplier manufactures and sells CO2 thermal systems for heating, cooling and refrigeration in combined heating and power plants, food factories and the process industry. It is one of Europe’s leading producers of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems and also offering analysis and consultancy to ensure optimal energy and cost savings. End of 2011 Advansor was acquired by Hill PHOENIX Inc. generating a combined figure of 600 CO2 systems in supermarkets in the US, Canada and Europe.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact Advansor for any enquiries, you may send a request to Torben M Hansen directly.


By Klara Skačanová

May 03, 2012, 17:43

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