Coca-Cola Enterprises’: 100% HFC-free coolers from 2013 

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 14, 2012, 16:22 2 minute reading

With 82% of all new cooler purchases made by Coca-Cola Enterprises now HFC-free, the company announced in its latest CSR report that it will go one step further: from January 2013 Coca-Cola Enterprises plans to purchase only 100% HFC-free coolers. The Coca-Cola Company will follow-suit soon after, phasing out the use of HFCs in new equipment by 2015, and installing only HFC-free coolers at the 2012 London Olympics.

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) Inc., which was spun out of The Coca-Cola Company in 1986, is the exclusive Coca-Cola bottler for all of Belgium, continental France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Its over 581,000 pieces of cooling equipment, including vendors and fountain machines, represent the largest source of carbon emissions from their business. Their commitment to investing in HFC-free equipment, using natural working fluid CO2 for example, will help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
Low Carbon London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games
CCE is partnering closely with the Coca-Cola Company to help deliver the most sustainable games yet. Together they will minimise carbon footprint at London 2012 by installing only Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) free, energy efficient coolers at the Olympic or Paralympic venues. After 2012 these will be installed in customer premises across Europe.
2011-2012 CCE Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 
Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) announced a new commitment to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire value chain in 2011. Their new strategy, announced in the CSR report, requires emissions reductions in 6 key stages:
  • Refrigeration
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Recycling
With regards to refrigeration, in 2010 Coca Cola Enterprises bought over 12,500 HFC-free coolers, approximately 50% of all new purchases and 4% of the total fleet. The purchase of 16,000 HFC coolers followed this in 2011. 
In addition to investing in new HFC coolers, Coca-Cola Enterprises is also undertaking the following:
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing coolers: In 2011 the company retrofitted and refurbished 54,000 units of equipment;
  • Fitting doors: By fitting doors to large, open fronted coolers Coca-Cola Enterprises can reduce energy use by up to 50%. So far, new doors have been fitted to 49% of the total cooler fleet, with the aim being to reach 90% of the fleet by 2014;
  • More efficient lighting: Standard fluorescent lighting in coolers and vendors are being replaced by long-life LEDs, which can be around 80% more efficient;
  • Energy management devices: By fitting intelligent EMS-55 devices that recognise patterns of use and respond by shutting off lights and adjusting temperatures when the cooler is not being opened regularly, the cooler’s energy consumption can be reduced by up to 35%.
  • Other cooling innovations: Among other initiatives CCE is investigating ways in which to reduce the energy used to cool fountains drinks in venues such as pubs and cinemas.
Coca-Cola Enterprises is a marketer, producer, and distributor of Coca-Cola products. It is the anchor bottler for Western Europe, and was formerly the anchor bottler for most of North America, which were acquired in 2010 by the Coca Cola Company


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 14, 2012, 16:22

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