20% energy savings for new CO2 cooled Countdown supermarket in New Zealand

By Janaina Topley Lira, Feb 14, 2013, 11:40 2 minute reading

Countdown recently unveiled its newest Auckland store located on Stoddard Road in Mt Roskill. The Countdown Mt Roskill has been carefully designed and constructed to reduce its impact on the environment. It features energy efficient CO2 refrigeration plant systems, night blinds on refrigerated cabinets, sliding covers on freezers, heat reclaim off the refrigeration coils and energy efficient lighting.

The newly opened 3,600m2 Countdown supermarket, located at 112 Stoddard Road, follows the opening of several CO2 refrigerated Countdown supermarkets across New Zealand, including:
  • Victoria Street, CBD, Auckland
  • Neville Street, Wackworth, Auckland
  • Adelaide Road, Newtown, Wellington
  • Main Road, Tawa
  • Silverdale St, Silverdale 
  • Browns Rd, Manurew
  • Ivory St, Rangiora East, Canterbury
  • Te Reo, Tokoroa, South Waikato
  • Kelvin Grove in Palmerston North
Overall, there are over 25 Hybrid CO2 cascade systems in Countdown stores in New Zealand.
Hybrid CO2 cascade refrigeration system
The hybrid COsystem is the preferred choice for new Countdown supermarkets, and stores that have had a major refurbishment. 
The system for which Bitzer supplied the racks and McAlpines was the installing contractor, is a hybrid CO2/134a cascade system. It features:
  • 1 low temp CO2 Bitzer rack 45.5 kw with a VSD on the lead machine
  • 1 Med Temp Bitzer rack 112kw on R134a with Heatcraft WRC EC condensers
  • 1 High temp Bitzer rack on R134a with WRC EC condensers
  • The High Stage/Cascade racks utilise Bitzer Ecoline optimised R134a compressors
  • The system is controlled by Emerson CPC E2
In conjunction with splitter valves on the condensers, Countdown is able to take advantage of low ambient conditions by floating head pressures and further enhancing the overall COP of the Refrigeration Plant. 
CO2 format and energy saving features achieve 15%- 20% reduction in energy consumption
The CO2 format stores have many other energy saving initiatives that together achieve a 15% – 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to the installations from five years ago. As well as the refrigeration system the Mt Roskill Countdown store has: 
  • EC fan motors 
  • LED light in RL freezers 
  • Heat reclaim
  • Lids on trough freezers 
  • Glass up-stands on dairy, meat and produce cabinets
  • Store lighting control 
Sustainability Strategy
Countdown, which has 159 supermarkets across New Zealand, has a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy that includes a commitment to achieving an overall 40% reduction in the retailer’s projected carbon footprint by 2015. As a result of this Strategy Every new supermarket now incorporates sustainable design guidelines that include energy-efficient CO2 refrigeration plant systems, night blinds on refrigerated cabinets, sliding covers on freezers, heat reclaim off the refrigeration coils, energy efficient lighting and the use of natural light in roof panels where possible. According to Countdown they are on target to achieve a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per m2 in new stores compared to older ones.
According to a Countdown spokesperson,
Refrigeration innovation in stores is playing a big part in helping Countdown achieve some very difficult targets"
and is part of the business-wide sustainability programme and effort to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption.
One of the most refreshing aspects is that Countdown is looking at the full life-cycle cost of its refrigeration systems, and is constantly looking and trialling new technology that will hopefully provide an even more efficient, greener system that is also reliable," said a Countdown spokesperson.


By Janaina Topley Lira

Feb 14, 2013, 11:40

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