Eco Cute Flash News 2007-10-23

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"Eco Cute" is the commercial name of CO2 heat pump water heaters sold in Japan mostly for domestic use. This Flash News gives an overview of recent developments in Japan and their impact on other world regions.

Campaign helps consumers understand Eco Cute units

The all electrifying campaigns, run by 7 Japanese electric power companies until year-end, have widened their scope to promote the sales of EcoCute units even more efficiently. Besides providing technical assistance and financial incentives, companies are now holding special “All Electrifying Events” to give consumers a better understanding of EcoCute heat pumps. According to “Denpa Shimbun”, retailers joining the campaigns provide space to hold exhibitions and presentations about EcoCute, displaying the installed units in their renovated shops.

Heat pumps, key to achieve goal of 1kg CO2 emissions / day

The Ministry of Economy and Industry (METI) has announced that Kanden E House, Sanyo Electronics, and Best Electronics have joined a campaign to reduce CO2 emissions from Japanese households. The total figure of participating organizations has thus increased to 40. According to “Denpa Shimbun”, the overall target is to limit CO2 emissions of any individual to 1kg per day. Eco-Cute units could play a crucial role in achieving this target, as the use of a heat pump instead of a conventional boiler will cut emissions by 510g per person. When also used for heating, the savings will amount even to 650g.

Daikin to increase focus on EcoCute promotion

On 16 November, Daikin will launch its new heat pump hot water floor heating unit, as reported by “Kucho Times”. The new product will be 22% more efficient than the current model, being able to operate at temperatures of -20°C. Daikin is also planning to open 200 science laboratory style rooms for customers to experiment and understand EcoCute units.

Tohoku EcoCute Fair to attract leading manufacturers

Tohoku Electric Power Company has held its two day “EcoCute Fair” in Niigata, at the northwest coast of Honshu, Japans biggest island. According to "Denpa Shimbun", 359 retailers and contractors discussed latest products, installation and cost issues, as well as grant systems promoting the use of Eco-Cute. Leading manufacturers, such as Matsushita Electronics, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Corona, and Daikin displayed their EcoCute units.


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Oct 23, 2007, 00:00

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