New tool to test CO2 cascade systems

By team, Mar 03, 2008, 00:00 1 minute reading

British retail group Tesco will measure the efficiency of CO2 cascade systems, currently under trial at its stores, with a new performance measurement tool developed by a Swedish refrigeration expert.

The new technology checks the performance and efficiency of large store-based refrigeration systems, and pinpoints problems in a faster and more accurate way to optimize the operation of supermarket installations. Based on complex mathematical algorithms, the system calculates the overall efficiency for both cooling and heating, system capacity, and compressor efficiency as a measure of wear, superheat in the evaporator, and flow in the evaporator. “ClimaCheck”, developed by Swedish inventor Klas Berglof over a period of 14 years, is a so-called “non-invasive” technology, as it does not require large-scale intrusion into the refrigeration circuit. Instead, it uses simple measurements from the working plant to calculate essential parameters on system performance. The tool is already being used in Scandinavia to facilitate the work of field engineers in optimizing plant operation and avoid early breakdowns due to wear.

Analyzing new generation R744 systems

The British retail group Tesco has now invested in “ClimaCheck” to use it first and foremost for a reliable evaluation of carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems currently under development. Tesco estimates that using the analyzer will facilitate the performance rating and improvement of a new generation of CO2 (R744) cascade units, and lower the overall carbon footprint of refrigeration equipment substantially. 

“With the pressure on over F-Gas, and end users keener than ever to save money on power and reduce carbon emissions, it is the perfect tool to get a fix on how plant is performing – and then improve it,” said Mike Creamer, Managing Director of Business Edge - the exclusive distributor of the analyzing tool in the UK. On 3 July, the consultancy will hold a Technical Open Day to inform about the installation and operation of the technology.


By team (@r744)

Mar 03, 2008, 00:00

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