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The Swedish CO2 specialist presents its BREEZE, CRYSTAL DX, and CRYSTAL CH models, suitable for air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing. The units feature high user-friendliness, and an innovative control system.

With around 40 transcritical units already operating or currently under construction in Scandinavian supermarkets, Green & Cool has become a reliable partner of leading retailers looking for environmentally safe alternatives to traditional refrigeration and freezer units. Now the Swedish manufacturer presents three new products on, covering the whole range of low (LT), medium (MT), and high temperature (HT) applications. All Green & Cool units are equipped with the “Green Control System” ensuring easy handling, a complete surveillance of the establishment, and the possibility of remote control/steering.

Moreover, all units offer the options of antivibration mounts, superheat exchangers, extra receiver, and flexible sleeves on the liquid cooled gas cooler as well as on the heat exchanger. A web-server allowing the controlling and surveillance of the unit from anywhere, compressor oil, and commission and training are additional options available for all units.


This refrigeration unit with direct expansion on the evaporator side and liquid cooled gas cooler/condenser is available as an air conditioning unit (HT), a refrigeration unit (MT) and a freezer unit (LT) with direct expansion on the cold side and glycol as secondary fluid on the gas cooler side. It is available in 13 capacities, with a refrigeration output from 30-120 kW, depending on the application.


Combining chiller unit and freezer unit for direct expansion on the evaporator side and gas cooler side, it is suitable for medium and low temperature applications. The model offers a MT net refrigeration output of 30-90 kW, and a LT refrigeration output of 10-30 kW. To learn more about the safety, cost, and efficiency features of Crystal DX, read the next article.


A liquid chilled unit with a combined freezer unit for direct expansion, it is available for the medium and low temperature range, where it achieves a MT net refrigeration output of 28-84 kW and a LT refrigeration output of 10-30 kW. For the medium temperature range, the system uses propylene glycol as a secondary fluid.

About Green & Cool

Green & Cool is a Swedish company which produces refrigeration units using carbon dioxide as the refrigerant. Carbon dioxide refrigeration units are energy efficient, have lower environmental impact and remain in line with ever-more restrictive legislation regarding the environment. In 2003, the company installed its first transcritical system in supermarket refrigeration. Green & Cool’s installations are used in leading supermarkets across Sweden and Denmark, such as ICA and COOP and Spar. New installations are also under construction in Switzerland and Finland.


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May 07, 2008, 00:00

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