Burkon R744 accumulator valued by OEMs & suppliers

By R744.com team, Jul 30, 2008, 12:43 2 minute reading

Since its early development in 2003, the demand for Burkon’s R744 accumulator for Mobile Air Conditioning has steadily increased. Customers especially value its stable vapour quality and its intelligent oil management.

Over the last few years, Burkon’s accumulator has proved to be a highly reliable component in next-generation R744 MAC systems, as evaluation by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and development partners show. Featuring an innovative vapour quality management the accumulator provides a stable basis for optimal system performance by keeping the vapour quality at a constant level independent of refrigerant mass flow and charge in the system. The Burkon accumulator has also convinced at testing through its intelligent internal oil management assuring a stable and reliable return of oil to the compressor. This, in turn, leads to a significantly improved operation of the compressor while at the same time prolonging its lifetime. In addition, the accumulator keeps the suction gas free of particles through two steps: first through the cyclone where particles are separated through acceleration forces and stored in the accumulators dead space (clearance), and secondly in the integrated filter.

The accumulator was jointly developed by OBRIST Engineering and Burkon, with the latter being responsible for the component’s final assembly and production. The patented product consists of a welding-free and braze-free designed aluminum container developed by Burkon to allow for a minimum wall thickness, reduced weight and material use. The innovative inside technology of the compact product was developed in close cooperation with OBRIST Engineering.

Basic specifications

Main features of Burkon’s accumulator are:
  • Volume: 260ccm ,335 ccm and 516 ccm (Sizes in between on request) 
  • Diameter: 64mm / Height: 145mm - 195mm - 260mm (Including burst plate) 
  • Weight: 480g - 550g - 670g (Including burst plate) 
  • Mounting Angle: +/- 15° 
  • Operating pressure: Max 132bar at 90°C 
  • Burst Pressure: 264bar / Test pressure: 198bar 
  • Burst Plate: 120bar +/-10bar at 90°C 
  • Material of the housing: aluminum alloy
Further improvements under way

So far, Burkon and OBRIST have sold a significant number of accumulators to OEMs and suppliers for testing purposes. To further enhance the performance of the R744 component, the development partners are currently working on a new tube-in-tube technology. R744.com will keep you updated on latest developments regarding this innovative technical feature in a separate article later this year.

“Feedback from our customers is great. They choose our accumulator to reduce their design engineering work, because we provide a solution ready for use. Also they appreciate that the aluminum accumulator housing is lightweight and seamless. Now Burkon is ready for mass production of R744 accumulators”, says Johann Laimighofer, General Director of Burkon.

About Burkon

The German company group Burkon is specialized in cold impact extrusion of aluminum and copper. They supply various technical cold impact extruded parts to a wide range of automotive product manufacturers and to other markets. They are one of the market leaders in the supply of aluminum pressure cylinders complying with international standards and certifications.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jul 30, 2008, 12:43

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