Advansor displays compSUPER systems

By team, Sep 29, 2008, 15:14 2 minute reading

Advansor has added a series of modular refrigeration systems, already successfully applied in European supermarkets and warehouses, to Over the next months, other product ranges for heating and chilling will follow.

Advansor’s compSUPER refrigeration series combines compact design, low noise with and easy installation and servicing. Newly launched, it is based on more than 10 years of dedicated development, integrating demanding solutions to ensure high operational reliability, stable temperature control and lowest cost of ownership. The modular concept is based on separate machinery frames which can be disassembled and reassembled during installation. This flexibility makes Advansor’s compSUPER series a sought-after solution for supermarkets and warehouses.

As a main advantage, Advansor’s refrigeration units comply with all Danish and international refrigerant legislation – today and in the future. This makes another transition forced by ever changing legislation and taxation unnecessary, allowing installers and retailers to plan long term. Around 20 units are already working reliably in Northern European supermarkets. During a technical visit organised at last month’s Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Working Fluids participants could gain first-hand experience with Advansor’s refrigeration unit running successfully in a Danish SuperBest supermarket.

Advansor’s compSUPER series

compSUPER is designed as a 2-stage system with the low and medium temperature compressors operating with the same working fluid: CO2. As both cooling and heat rejection is facilitated directly with R744, the platform eliminates the need of any glycol installations. As a consequence the entire installation features small piping dimensions, using either carbon steel or copper pipes.

The unit integrates an optimised condenser/gas cooler, advanced oil management and adiabatic air cooling. Safety valves and an electronic oil control ensure a high reliability and safety.

compSUPER is available in two options:

compSUPER S:
  • Suitable for supermarkets / commercial refrigeration
  • Weight (kg): 910-1100
  • Compressors (MT/LT): 2/2; 3/2
  • Receiver volume (litres): 75
  • LT capacity (kW): 8-15; 8-24
  • MT capacity (kW): 20-45; 46-75
  • Suitable for large installations / warehouses
  • Weight (kg): 1200-1800
  • Compressors (MT/LT): 4/3; 5/3; 6/3; 7/3
  • Receiver volume (litres): 150
  • LT capacity (kW): 15-40; 30-75
  • MT capacity (kW): 75-95; 85-110; 95-120; 115-140
About Advansor

The Danish supplier manufactures and sells CO2 thermal systems for heating, cooling and refrigeration in combined heating and power plants, food factories and the process industry. Advansor also offers analysis and consultancy to ensure optimal energy and cost savings.


By team (@r744)

Sep 29, 2008, 15:14

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