Coming soon: Temprite oil separator for CO2 applications

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Being one of the most experienced and respected refrigeration component manufacturers in the world, Temprite has been at the cutting edge of product development for CO2 refrigeration by taking the lead and setting the standard for oil management components. It will soon present its highly efficient coalescing oil separator for transcritical applications on

The U.S.-based manufacturer of oil separators, oil reservoirs, and drier shells has developed a new range of products for CO2 (R744) subcritical applications up to 40 bar and transcritical use up to 130 bar. As opposed to traditional refrigerants, high-pressure CO2 systems might use pipe instead of thin-walled tubing for the connection lines. As pipe is inherently more dirty than tubing, an efficient cleaning mechanism is required. Temprite’s coalescing filtration and separation technology ensures that dirt is thoroughly removed from the system. This is vital given that CO2 high-pressure systems also require smaller valve orifice sizes that are more susceptible to dirt blockage.

Temprite’s oil separators will separate and clean oil at a 98.5% efficiency level. As R744 has a much higher density than conventional refrigerants, separation of oil and gas becomes more challenging. The coalescing technology used in the oil separator is superior to other separation technologies. The oil separator also has a port for inserting a sensor to monitor the internal oil level. To return the cleaned oil to the compressor crank case for continued lubrication of the moving parts, Temprite offers oil reservoirs with a service rating of up to 130 bar.

Temprite’s CO2 history

Temprite's original engineering for CO2 components was first developed in conjunction with the ground breaking work at the Danish Technical Institute in Arhus, Denmark. Working with DTI as well as OEM's in the field, the company has developed a comprehensive R744 product line of coalescent oil separators, oil reservoirs, and drier shells. Having first developed coalescent oil separation for commercial refrigeration, Temprite was thus able to transfer that technology to the R744 industry without difficulty.


“When we conceptualize our products we have one goal in mind: to design and manufacture the most efficient refrigeration components available. Temprite’s R744 product line follows this principle and we are confident that showcasing our products on will help us prove our industry expertise in this challenging field,” says James Nonnie, Vice President of Temprite Company.

"Temprite is the only supplier with whom we have not had a technical or delivery problem. We can always count on them to deliver and perform", confirms a leading manufacturer of CO2 refrigeration and heating systems.

About Temprite

Founded in 1924, the Temprite Company is one of the oldest companies in refrigeration and today is a premier brand name in the industry. Its products and solutions serve the commercial refrigeration, scientific and refrigerant reclaim/recovery industries. Since December 2001, all products conform to the European Pressure Directive (PED). From its manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the U.S., Japan and the UK, Temprite products may be shipped to any location in the world.


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Jan 21, 2009, 10:03

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