• Combined flow evaporative condensers
  • Induced draft condensers


CXVB condensers are the lightest, reduced charge condensers in the market.

Technical specifications
  • G-235 mill galvanised steel used for all units
  • All exposed cut edges are protected with a thick zinc coating applied after fabrication to ensure effective zinc corrosion barrier
  • Serpentine cooling coil built of continuous lengths of all prime surface steel and hot-dip galvanised after fabrication (HDGAF) to avoid zinc corrosion
  • Split coil designed for low pressure drop with sloping tubes for free drainage of fluid and multiple compressors
  • Maximum working pressure: 300 psig
  • High quality mechanical water level control assembly is standard with all units and has been specially designed to provide the most reliable operation while being easy to maintain
  • Standard spray water pump: BAC 360TM Spray Nozzle combines scatter diffusion technology with large nozzle orifice size
  • BAC BALTIDRIVE® Power Train engineered drive system consists of a specially designed powerband and two cast aluminum sheaves located at minimal shaft centerline distances to maximise belt life
  • Belt drive systems suitable for variable frequency drive (VFD) applications without requiring expensive optional accessories (compared to a gear drive system)
  • Patented Combined Flow Technology allows air and water to flow in a parallel path, therefore eliminating scale- producing “hot spots” on the coil
  • Increased heat rejection occurs as the water flows over the fill, therefore lowering spray water temperatures
  • Standard fill can be used in applications with spray water temperature up to 130°F (54.4°C)
  • Fill and drift eliminators are formed from self-extinguishing PVC having a flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM E84
  • Fan selected to optimise low sound levels and maximise thermal performance
  • Combined Inlet Shields’ (CIS) bent flow path blocks sunlight from the basin and acts as a screen to prevent debris from entering the unit.

  • Patented Combined Flow Technology provides the highest capacity at the lowest refrigerant charge in the industry
  • The CXVB is the only combined flow, induced draft condenser that has been shake table tested and verified with seismic ratings by an independent third party up to an SDS of 2.40g and meets IBC requirements
  • Oversized doors, internal walkway allowing access to the plenum area for maintenance and inspection of the basin, make-up, fill, and drive system and movable internal ladder for access to the motor
  • Extended lubrication lines and spacious interior provides easy access to the basin, drift eliminators, coils, and drive system
  • Water distribution system that makes service of the nozzles, spray branches, and headers possible without the need for tools
  • Combined Flow Technology lowers installation and operating costs
  • 5 years warranty motor and drive

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Heat rejection 


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