• Specifically developed to work in air conditioning and refrigeration applications
• Also available as a High Pressure Unit (ACH350)


Alfa Laval has introduced a new size of plate heat exchanger, the AlfaChill 350. It is a brazed plate evaporator and condenser optimized for air conditioning and refrigeration. AC350 is available both in dual and single circuit versions. As ACH350 it can be used in CO2 cascade systems.

Basic Specifications
  • Working temperature min.: -160°C (-256°F)
  • Working temperature max.: +150°C (+302°F)
  • Working pressure min.: Vacuum
  • Working pressure max. (Ref.): 3.2 MPa (465 psig)
  • Working pressure max. (Water): 3.2 MPa (465 psig)
  • Dual circuit system: Dualaced
  • Dimensions:
  • A = 13 + n x 2.82 (mm)
  • A = 0.51 + n x 0.11 (in)
  • Weight = 13 + 0.84 x n (kg)
  • Weight = 28.66 + 1.85 x n (lb)     (n = number of plates)

  • Patented distribution system: significantly improves the distribution of refrigerants inside the heat exchanger
  • High specific performance with large number of plates and high capacity
  • High reliability
  • Partial load: thanks to the new improved distributor consistent improvements are shown even at partial load with all common refrigerants
  • Multi-scroll: AC350 reaches a very high capacity and is equally suited to work with the latest developed compressors


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