• For work in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump applications
• Also available as a High Pressure Unit (ACH70)


AC70 is the innovative Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger specifically developed to work in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump applications. AC70 is a single refrigerant circuit unit developed for chillers in the 10-80 kW range and heat pumps in the 5-40 kW range; it is suitable to work as an evaporator, condenser, and economizer. As ACH70 it can be used in CO2 cascade systems.

Possible applications

- Evaporator or condenser in chiller and heat pumps
- Economizer in chiller and heat pumps

Basic Specifications
  • Design temperature: -196°C / +150°C
  • AC70 design pressure: 32 bar
  • ACH70 design pressure: 45 bar
  • Volume per channel: 0.095 dm³
  • Maximum flow rate (water side): 14 m³/h
  • Dimensions: A = 10 + n x 2.3 (mm)
  • Weight: 2.3 + n x 0.17 (kg)   (n = number of plates)
  • High reliability: tested in daily fatigue cycles during on/off operations
  • High quality level: patented integrated distributor pressed together with the plate to assure highest level of quality and performance reliability
  • Complies with major pressure vessel codes: PED (EU), UL (USA), KHK (Japan)


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