• new semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range for CO2 subcritical
• operating pressure: Pss = 90 bar


Dorin has launched a new semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range for CO2 subcritical applications.

Technical specifications

  • Operating pressure: Pss = 90 bar
  • Displacement (m3/h at 50Hz): 1.10 – 26.6 m3/h
  • Cylinders: 2-4
  • Suitable for frequency control regulation
  • Possibility to provide condensation via the AC circuit
  • Improved COP levels in typical cascade / booster operation
  • Room opening for LT applications with single stage compressor
  • Excellent and proven reliability proven by the several thousands units already running in the field
  • Increased COP values, thanks to fluid dynamic optimization of the internal vanes shape, high efficiency motors and high tech components
  • Generously sized 4 poles electric motors
  • Allows for safe goods preservation during prolonged system standstill
  • Wide application envelope: allows the compressor safe use in the most common cascade or booster applications
  • HP and LP safety relief valve
  • Suction and discharge service valve
  • Low vibrations, thanks to an optimized mass balance
  • Low gas pulsation
  • Suitable for frequency control
  • Special lubricant for CO2 applications
  • Electric box with IP65 class of protection

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