• CO2 refrigerant based integrated solution
  • Collects, recycles and re-uses the energy used to maintain the ideal cooling and heating conditions for ice rink facilities.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 50 TR, 60 TR, 70 TR, 80 TR, 120 TR and 150 TR standard capacities, the ECO CHILL Packs provide prime benefits, such as low maintenance, high efficiency screw compressors, low refrigerant charge, compact stainless steel plate and frame heat exchangers and microprocessor controls.

  • The Ice Logic Control enables intelligent management and control of the total HVAC&R system to accommodate specific ice surface temperature requirements and events scheduling.

  • The Ice Battery provides convenient, energy boosting thermal storage to meet the different heating requirements in the building while reducing peak energy demand. 

In addition, the ECO CHILL features allow the designer to choose the components that best match the need of the facility (new design or retrofit).


  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Efficient compressor operation
  • Abundant high-grade heat reclaim (above 760°C and suitable for boiler replacement)
  • Full low-grade heat reclaim (at 540°C or under-floor heating, drinkable water and snow melting pit)
  • Very low pumping power (as much as 90% less energy required compared to other systems)
  • Rapid return on investments
  • Respectful with the environment


Ice rink facilities



Eco Chill by CIMCO

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