CTR 20 valve

By Danfoss, published Apr 24, 2017

With an ever-increasing number of supermarkets opting for CO2 systems with heat reclaim, Danfoss presents the new CTR valve. This innovative new component improves the safety and efficiency of the system by allowing full proportional control of the flow to and from heat exchangers.

Technical specifications 3-way electrical CTR 20 valve

  • For CO2 systems
  • Pressure rating: up to 140 bar
  • Fully serviceable cartridge design means that the valve can be taken apart for service
  • Full proportional control of the heat reclaim system
  • Leak tight, motor integrated in valve
  • Available for combo weld or solder/braze
  • Available for DN 25
  • Controlled by Danfoss XM208C or EKD316/C controllers


  • Replaces multiple ball valves that previously have been used to regulate the flow heat from compressor pack/rack to heat exchanger
  • Allows full proportional control of the heat flow to prevent pressure peaks that lead to instability lowering efficiency or may even shut down the system
  • Adjusts the flow to match the actual demand for heating and hot water at any time
  • Easy to service
  • Leak-tight
  • Suitable for warmer climates


  • Commercial refrigeration


CTR Press Release

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