Huurre ECO MAXI CO2 refrigeration unit

Booster design is ideal for supermarkets. The solution is derived from several years of experience and from practical results from more than 400 systems of this type installed and already in operation. Several standard versions available e.g. Huurre ECO Mini, Midi and Maxi series.

MAXI Standard design

  • Semi-hermetic compressors
  • AK PC 781 regulator, Danfoss
  • Suction filter MT & LT
  • Electrical panel with start- and regulation equipment
  • Inverter for LTand MT
  • Regenerative heat exchanger
  • LT suction/liquid sub cooler
  • Oil separators, Temprite and oil tank, 20 l

MAXI Options

  • Super heat, heat recovery
  • Heat recovery
  • Evaporator for comfort (AC) cooling
  • Low level liquid alarm
  • Liquid level indicator 4-20 mA
  • By-pass system for liquid drier
  • By-pass system for gas cooler
  • By-pass system for ICMTS and CCMT valves
  • By-pass system for CCM valve
  • Liquid injection
  • Sound insulated panels for outdoor installation
  • Energy meters
  • Enjector
  • Suction accumalator, 40 l


  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration


Huurre ECO Maxi

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