• Temperature range: -40 to +150°C (-40 to +300°F)
  • GBC for R744 is designed for 75 - 90 bar / 1085 -1305 psi max. working pressure
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Technical specifications

  • Refrigerants CO2 (R744)
  • Oils: POE, PAG
  • Approvals: CE
  • Temperature range: -40 to +150°C (-40 to +300°F)
  • Max. working pressure of 90 bar (1300 psig)
  • Max. test pressure130 bar (1885 psig)
  • ¼ turn from fully open to fully closed
  • Slim-line body, easy to install and service
  • Precision laser welded construction
  • Valve seal of low friction, tight sealing modified PTFE Teflon
  • Drilled and tapped panel mounting
  • Burst-proof spindle design
  • Relief hole design to release entrapped liquid
  • Selected O-ring material for CO2 refrigerant
  • Advanced design ensures trusted bi-flow function
  • Rotation stops at fully open and fully close positions.
  • Indicator on spindle top shows if the valve is open or closed


  • Less refrigerant discharge during non-operation
  • No need for costly backup systems
  • Energy efficiency and therefore cost efficiency

Commercial CO2 applications for max. working pressure for 90 bar


Sales brochure for GBC & NRV for CO2
Data sheet: Ball valve for high pressure type GBC for R744 (CO2)

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